DIY Birthday Gift Kids

Since making the decision to quit teaching full-time, I’ve had to create a budget and really stick to it. One thing that has been incredibly difficult since Ayla started school this year is birthday parties!! We try to make gifts for family members, but I’m not sure friends would appreciate a piece of child made artwork in the same way that grandparents do (or at least they let on they do – ha!).

For the first few parties, Ayla filled a box with art supplies: googly eyes, pompoms, paint etc. But it still cost quite a bit; usually because we both got carried away picking out fun supplies. But then April rolled around and she has a birthday party every weekend. And two of them are for twins!! That’s a lot of presents and for a family on a pretty tight budget, that’s a lot of money. So it was time to get creative.

We decided to make at-home activity kits with the instructions and materials for some of our favourite activities. Ayla helped me go through our recent pictures and she picked out four of her favourites: slime, bouncy balls, bath paint and chalk paint. Our first recipient was a set of twins, so she decided one would get slime and bath paint, and the second would get bouncy balls and chalk paint.

The finished products

The first thing I did was make the instructions. Each activity got it’s own card with the activity name, materials list, directions and a photo. I printed them onto heavy cardstock and laminated. The files for the activity cards can be found in the “Living Life Outside the Box” Facebook group. Feel free to use them!

Instruction card for DIY Bouncy Balls

Then I made a list of all the materials and the measurements. We made a trip to our discount store in town and got everything we needed. I also got containers for some of the materials I was going to portion out myself. Then Ayla selected two baskets to hold everything for each child.

Once home, Ayla helped me assemble the baskets. We measured out enough materials for the slime and bouncy ball recipes to be doubled (after all they are twins), labelled the containers with the contents and put into the basket. We both thought the baskets looked kind of messy with everything just sitting inside it. I remembered we had some plastic Easter grass leftover so I dug it out and placed it on the bottom on each basket and set the materials on top. It helped make it much more visually appealing!

Each kit with it's materials and instructions


Last, but not least we wrapped the presents in cellophane and tied with ribbon. I was a bit worried that the presents wouldn’t look like much to the kids and a mommy friend suggested we add labels. So I quickly printed some off and added them to the outside of the baskets. Perfect finishing touch!


The labels


I was worried they wouldn’t turn out, but both Ayla and I are very happy with the finished product. She is excited to give them to her friends and is quite upset she had to miss the party due to this nasty Spring ice/snow/rain storm we are having. We really try to give gifts that are thoughtful and made with the person in mind. It’s not always easy on a budget, but I think we accomplished just that.


Below, I’ll show photos of each activity card and it’s corresponding ingredients in case you want to make some of your own kits!


Kit #1: DIY Slime and Bath Paint


We actually included two packs of school glue so that the recipe for the slime can be doubled. Originally I was going to put the measured contact solution into the same type of container as the baking soda, but it wasn’t spill-proof, so thankfully I found a baby food jar in our craft cupboard downstairs. Next time I I would use a little travel sized liquids container, but the jar did just well in a pinch. The food colouring is needed for both recipes, so we included a whole pack. That way they can make 6 different colours (with some mixing) for the bath paints. I really wanted to use a muffin tin with 6 spaces, but couldn’t find a tin foil one, so we improvised with 6 individual cups. We also included 6 paint brushes as we wanted to make sure they had everything they needed to do the activities!


KIT #2: DIY Bouncy Balls and Chalk Paint

The cornstarch is needed for both activities, so there’s two containers. There is enough to double both recipes. I decided it wasn’t worth the sticky mess to try and measure out the white glue, so we just included a whole 4 fl. oz. bottle. Again, we included a whole pack of food colouring in this kit so they can make a variety of colours of chalk paint. I decided on foam brushes, as I find they paint nicer with the chalk paint outdoors.




We hope we’ve inspired you to try something similar! If you do, please share with us in the comment section or on our Facebook page (link) or group (link).


If you have any questions at all, please send me an email at


Happy creating!



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