10 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special

Birthdays are a big deal in this house! But we also strive to be minimalistic (I said strive). And we’re on a pretty tight budget since I resigned from full-time teaching. So I have had to be creative in finding ways to make birthdays special for my kids without focusing on stuff.

Here is my list of 10 inexpensive ways to make your child’s birthday specia

1.) Door Sign

This is something I did for the first time for Ayla’s 6th birthday this June, but she loved it and it is definitely a tradition I plan on continuing. I hung it on her bedroom door to wake up to in the morning. I wrote the amount of time we’ve loved her in years, months, weeks and days. As a family, we also thought of 6 reasons why we love her. 

2.) Decorate Chair

This is super easy and helps make the birthday child feel special when they wake up. The other nice thing about this tradition is that older siblings can help do this for younger siblings after they are in bed. Ayla and Rory even helped decorate Daddy’s chair for his birthday in May!

We just wrap streamers around the child’s chair at the kitchen table and add a few balloons – super simple and fun!

3.) Birthday Banner

We re-use the same banner for every birthday in this house – but it wouldn’t be a birthday without it.

4.) Balloon Avalanche

I’ve seen online where people make a balloon avalanche using streamers to hold the balloons to their door, so that when they open their bedroom door in the morning, the balloons fall on them.

I modified this a bit for Ayla because I thought it may actually scare her, so I hung 6 balloons on streamers from the roof outside her bedroom door. I cannot do this for Rory yet as he has yet to stay in his own room all night, haha.

5.) Tell their Birth Story

Ayla loves this tradition! She loves hearing the details of her birth, the visitors that came to meet her, the excitement of heading to the hospital in the middle of the night. It’s a nice tradition for parents to re-visit such a special day, too.

6.) Cuddle them at the Time of their Birth

I’m lucky that my kids were born at times that make this a possibility(8:33am, 6:33pm, 10:43pm), because I’m not sure I’d attempt cuddling them at 3am, haha. I usually cry when I cuddle my kids and think about how much they’ve grown. I’m a sap!

7.) Candles in their Breakfast

We sing happy birthday and have them blow out candles in their breakfast, whatever it is. This sometimes takes a bit of creativity!

8.) Pin/Crown

We re-use the same ones every year for each child. It’s an easy way to help them feel special and when out in public it guarantees a “happy birthday” from everyone!

9.) Look at Pictures

I don’t think I’ve printed a single picture in a decade, but we crowd around my laptop and look at pictures from their birth onwards.

10.) Choose Dinner

The birthday child gets to choose whatever they want for dinner. So far in this house, it always ends up being pancakes.

I hope these ideas help you make someone’s day extra special. Please share how you make birthdays special in your house!

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