Hello and welcome:)

I’m Katherine. I have many roles including teacher, partner, sister, daughter, aunt, friend. But the most important one, to me, is that of Mommy. It’s the one I longed for my whole life and the one I cherish the most. Well most of the time, haha.

This blog was born out of my love for learning – specifically through the vehicles of art and play. I hope to share this love with you, while also sharing our journey as a family.

I take joy in planning and implementing hands-on, FUN activities for my children that encourage their learning and development in various areas. My hope is to inspire you to do the same. Some areas of focus include:

  • process art;
  • gross motor;
  • fine motor;
  • sensory;
  • and, nature exploration.

As this blog grows I hope to provide you with the tools and inspiration to save you both time and money as you join me in implementing simple, yet effective at-home activities. I hope I can inspire you to learn to “embrace the mess” that is parenting. My goal is to help you connect with your child daily in small, but meaningful ways.

My family will be at the centre of this blog – so no better time than the present to introduce them to you. We are a family of four, from tallest to smallest:

My partner of 11 years, Jamie;
My 4 year old daughter, Ayla;
My *almost* 2 year old son, Rory.

Thank you for reading:)

My family and me *Photo Credit Samantha Stiebel Photography*